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Your Client Onboarding Process

Onboarding new clients can be a tough process so you need to grab their attention with a compelling offer. This might be a free initial consult, a free trial, or something else valuable you give you clients so they can see how awesome you are. Tell us a bit about this process so we can add it to your website and help you convert more website visitors into clients.

Your onboarding offer is the hook you use to entice visitors to your website into contacting you and becoming a lead. It needs to be compelling and it also needs to address the biggest barrier that stops potential clients from signing up with you. If potential clients hesitate because they don't know you, then your offer might be a free 60 minute consult so they can meet you and see how you work.

Describe your onboarding offer in a couple of short sentences that explain what the offer is, and how it benefits your prospective clients. For example, if your onboarding offer is a free initial consult, then your description might be 'Come in for a totally obligation free 60 minute consult where we'll review your fitness history, outline an easy to follow training plan and set some attainable goals so you can measure your progress.'