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About Your Service

We want your website's message to be laser focused so you have the best chance of getting the right clients. To do that we need to make sure your website talks to the right people, and that when the right people arrive on your website they know they're in the right place and that you can fulfil their need. What is the primary service you provide?

Following on from your primary service, we also need to make sure potential clients know you specialise in meeting their needs, and that you have experience doing so. Who is your primary target market?

We need to highlight the benefit to your potential clients. Another way of framing this question is 'After working with me this client will...' and the answer might be: 'Lose weight in just 30 minutes per day' or 'Become faster and stronger than you've ever been'. Don't spend too long perfecting this here as you can edit it later, but try and put yourself in your clients shoes and think about the problem they have and how you solve it.

This question helps us design your site to cater for your target audience. It affects the general design of your site, however you can customise this to add your own personal touches later.