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Defining Your Target Audience, Why Is It So Important?

Your target audience is the ideal representation of who you will be selling your services (or products) to. Having a clear idea who these people are will enable you to:

● Stand out in a competitive market. You are in direct competition with all the other people out there with the exact same qu...

Case Study - 6 Key Ingredients For A Great Fitness Professional's Website

It’s important to understand what makes a good website for a fitness professional.

The ideal website promotes confidence in your prospective clients, provides good information on the services you provide and ultimately gives them all the information they need to contact you so you can onboard them as a new client.

Here's 6 key ingredients that will get you well on your way.

Top Tips For Brainstorming A New Website Address

Coming up with a good domain name or website address can be quite a feat, especially if you operate in a competitive market and your ideal domain name is already taken.

We've put together the brainstorming process that we use to come up with new domain names. Hopefully it helps you drum up a few good ideas.

Website Domains 101 - What They Are And Why You Need One

I quite often need to explain what a website address/domain is, how they're linked to your email address and what they have to do with your website. I also get asked what the difference between a 'domain' and 'hosting' is.

Part of our "Online 101" series, this article explains everything you need to know about website domains.